When Ambrosius Hugger, a German brewer from the Black Forest, opened his first plant in Poznań in 1849, he probably did not expect that over 150 years later it would turn into a place visited by nearly 9 million people a year.

Together with the Stary Browar (Old Brewery) team, we joined forces to remind and highlight the key USPs of this unique brand. The starting point was a clear, strong message and the contemporary language of communication. The #twójstary image campaign was strongly rooted in the social culture, and the ambiguous slogan aroused great interest among the inhabitants of Poznań and the region.

The campaign was divided into two stages: the first part of the #twójstary campaign was exposed without elements of the Stary Browar branding and was similar to a teaser; only the second one solved the riddle and referred directly to the identification of the Centre. The slogan itself has also become the starting point for the preparation of thematic gadgets and promotional activities.