Alphabet of dialogue

Since 2010, the Łódź of Four Cultures Festival has been regularly organised as one of the most important cultural events in Łódź. It is a continuation of the Festival of Dialogue of Four Cultures, which took place in 2002–2009.

Its name refers to the tradition of four cultures that had the greatest influence on the shaping of Łódź history: Polish, Jewish, German and Russian. The event focuses on many disciplines, including theatre, literature, film, music and visual arts. In 2017, the festival was presented in a completely new version. The programme of the event was prepared by a curatorial team, unlike the previous editions, when the original formula of the event applied.

These changes were accompanied by a new visual identification of the festival, created by our studio. We were also entrusted with the Art Direction over the visual side of the event, along with the development of its main theme. Following the slogan of the event – “Alphabet of dialogue”, we did not completely break with the past, as we referred in our projects to the achievements of the Łódź avant-garde, while translating them into contemporary language.